Become a Breeder

One must learn, not for the sake of knowledge, but to defend oneself against the contempt in which the world holds the ignorant.
Charlie Chaplin

Their Future Is In Your Hands

The survival of a breed is directly related to the ability of its population to grow (in numbers) and to regenerate (by lowering the average age of individuals). If the number of births per year is less than the number of deaths during that same year, then the breed is in decline because the population is not renewing itself, eventually aging and finally dying out. It is therefore crucial that breeders continue their efforts to multiply the number of births to ensure the sustainability of the breed. However, it is not a question of doing it in any way.

This page gathers a series of relevant resources that will help you acquire some basic knowledge of horse breeding.


  • Basic physiological needs
  • Breeding regulations
  • Breeding program
  • Papers and records
  • Marketing tools
  • Profitability of the business

Basic physiological needs

Online training on the Code of Practice for the care and handling of equines

By taking this free online course, you will learn all about the minimum requirements to ensure the welfare of your livestock.