If you would like to give generously of your time and think you have general or specific skills to serve the community, here are the positions that are open this year to serve on the CHBA Board of Directors:

  • 1 director position for Ontario, replacing Andréa White.
  • 1 post of director for Quebec, replacing Claude Richer, our current secretary.
  • 1 director position for Quebec, replacing Lisa Tardif.

Andréa White and Claude Richer wish to renew their mandate to continue the adventure with the team in place, but Lisa Tardif unfortunately comes to the end of the 3 consecutive mandates authorized by our bylaws, and therefore cannot repeat her candidacy.

In addition, Brian Rodgers having resigned earlier this year, we are accepting unsolicited applications for this position. He represented the jurisdiction of Western Canada and the USA. Since his term has not yet expired, the Board has the latitude to ratify his replacement without going through an election process.

If you are interested in the challenge, here is the APPLICATION FORM to complete and send to us before December 31, 2022 at the following address: info@lechevalcanadien.ca

Any question ? Send us an email !