On September 18, the Futurity of the Canadian Horse was held in Sorel. Organized in partnership with Cheval Québec, this Futurity brought together passionate breeders and owners, proud to present their next generation of the breed. The day passed in a generally good mood, despite the rain which persisted throughout the day.

As the participation rate was higher than expected (19 horses were present), this first edition can be considered a success. The highlight of this event is undeniably the commented judgment: even if the work of the breeder aims to produce superior offspring to his parents, no foal is perfect and that is why the commented judgment takes on all its importance. The strengths and qualities of each horse are highlighted, and the defaults, identified with competence and objectivity, are named with an aim of improvement.

The organizing committee also wishes to acknowledge the excellent work of the two judges, Jeanne Payeur and Isabelle Ginger Ouellette, who generously put their skills and experience at the service of the Canadian horse breed.

3 challenges for next year:

  • Increasing the participation rate even further;
  • To be able to present the foals in liberty, which unfortunately was not possible this year for security reasons;
  • Shorten judging time per horse to maintain public interest.

Congratulations to our four champions of the day:

  • Sarrabele Alias ​​Jaëlle (Prop. Écurie Sarrabelle), female junior champion and best overall score
  • Ferme Beaubois Turin Hercule (Prop. Pierre Boisclair), male junior champion
  • Sarrabelle Kingdom Galaxie (Prop. Nancy Pagé), female senior champion
  • Dorelie’s Papillon Géricault (Prop. Écurie Sarrabelle), male senior champion

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